Cat Claw Sofa Protector


Cat Claw Sofa Protector

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Cat Claw Sofa Protector
Scratching is a favorite pastime of cats. During play, they scratch. They itch as they stretch. They scratch to mark their territory. Cats scratch on items to remove frayed, worn outer claws and expose new, sharper claws, as their claws need sharpening on a regular basis. All of this clawing can ruin your furniture.
When it comes to scratching, the best strategy is to teach your cat where and what to scratch rather than trying to stop her. Providing her with appropriate, cat-attractive surfaces and objects to scratch, such as a scratching pad, is a wonderful option.
Product material: plastic.
Product size: 15*40cm 14*48cm.
Product weight: 2 pieces, 3 pieces, 4 pieces
S Small 56g 75g 93 g.
M large 62g 83g 103g.
Product packaging: carton pack.

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Weight0.150 g

Small 15*40cm, Large 14*48cm


2 pieces, 3 pieces, 4 pieces


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