Electric Pet Hair Vacuum Hair Removing Machine- Battery Operated


Collect all your pet’s
fur in one place for easy cleaning and dumping. This handy hair vacuuming
machine collects your pet’s hair in its canister and when it gets full, you can
simply detach it from the machine and toss it completely on your trash bin
eliminating the mess and prevents the fur from scattering and flying around.

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Families with pets will have the following problems: When your pet sheds, their hair will be left all over the house, and cleaning up will be very difficult. Cleaning your pet’s hair will be easier with this hair-removing device. You may quickly use it to assist you to remove the hair off your dogs.

In order to groom their dogs and cats, pet owners can use this vacuum and hair remover. The fur is removed from your pet’s body with this hair remover without causing them any discomfort, and it accumulates inside the canister to minimize mess and make dumping and cleaning easier.

Reliable ABS and Rubber are used to construct this pet hair vacuum. It is assured to be long-lasting and secure for usage around pets. Three AA batteries are required to operate this vacuum (not included in the package). Its portable and lightweight form makes it ideal for use indoors or while you are traveling with dogs. It just weighs 280g.

This hair remover and vacuum have a variety of uses; in addition to vacuuming up little particles left by your kids while eating, it may also assist keep hair off your clothes.


ABS + rubber


Length: 19CM width: 11CM height: 6CM

3 AA batteries (not included)



1x Pet Hair Remover


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