Warm Up Zip Up Padded Dog Jacket with Dual Ring Leash


Keep your pet warm, dry, and comfortable during the winter
season with this Padded dog Jacket. This dog jacket is available in different sizes,
perfect for all dogs of all sizes.

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Product Description:

Your dog will stay warm and dry with this padded dog jacket.

The zipper guards prevent your pet’s hair from becoming tangled in the zipper without causing any pain. The protective guard on the dog jacket keeps dog skin and fur from unintentionally zipping up. Because the jacket’s zipper is in the back, putting it on and zipping it up won’t cause you any trouble.

This dog vest’s design of this dog vest, in contrary to most dog coats and sweater vests, prevents your dog from dirtying it when Mother Nature calls. The dog vest may be easily machine washed and tumble-dried.

This padded cold weather vest keeps your tiny dog warm and dry when out for a walk in the cold thanks to its 2 D-ring construction, which enables you to securely attach a leash without having additional harness or collar.

Product Specification:

Color: Blue, Green, Pink, Red

Material: Fleece, Nylon

Neck circumference:

S: 28cm, M: 32cm, L: 36cm, XL: 38cm, 2XL: 42cm, 3XL: 44cm,
4XL: 46cm, 5XL: 50cm, 6XL: 64cm, 7XL: 72cm

Back length:

S: 26cm, M: 29cm, L: 35cm, XL: 39cm, 2XL: 45cm, 3XL: 48cm,
4XL: 52cm, 5XL: 58cm, 6XL: 64cm, 7XL: 73cm

Chest circumference:

S: 32cm, M: 38cm, L: 42cm, XL: 45cm, 2XL: 51cm, 3XL: 54cm,
4XL: 60cm, 5XL: 66cm, 6XL: 84cm, 7XL: 90cmWeight: 140-350g

Function: Dog Jacket

Package Inclusion:

1 x Padded Dog Jacket

Additional information

Weight0.35 g

Blue, Green, Pink, Red


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large, 4X-Large, 5X-Large, 6X-Large, 7X-Large


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